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Are You Ready Class?

Then We'll Begin ...

I have no doubt that your curious minds are asking what this site is all about. I shall explain.

Back in the mists of time when Internet Marketing was new, all the people of webland found themselves almost instantly to be masters of all they purveyed. Some called them Giants, others said they were Swami's, but their more recent term has stuck like mud to them.

They Are The Dreaded Guru's!

Thus, ever since the Inter-Web and it's markets have been ruled by the Guru class, it has become increasingly difficult to get any sort of good Marketing Positioning for yourself, and your efforts may never have borne any fruit. So you simply gave up and went along your way and built your life around a "regular" job just like your parents told you to do in the first place. You may never have ventured back in to the "World of the Online Marketer" again

To make matters worse ... for any budding Internet Marketer, along came a benign spirit known as the FTC!
It called forth commandments that prevented many bad practices, several of which were the stock-in-trade of the older Guru clans.

No Longer Can Outlandish Claims Of Vast Incomes Be Made

Gone Are The Dark Days Of The False Claims And Fake Testimonials

So here we are, in a new land. A land of Internet Marketing where positioning your sales has become just that bit fairer, and the land a touch greener.

A Promising Land where once again it may just be possible to make your mark and to grow an internet marketing income.

However, only if you have the right training and the right tools to make the process work in such a way that ANYONE can follow and make them work for their online ventures.

So What Does The Marketing Tutor Intend To Do For You?

Firstly We Guarantee Nothing!

It's up to YOU to take action and do the work!

What we WILL do, however, is to promise to give you a map to guide you along the journey, a well-traveled path, that can work well, provided YOU are prepared to follow the map and not deviate or stop off along the way and sit in the first coffee bar you see waiting for the next bus home.

We Will Tell The TRUTH ... No Matter How Painful That May Be To Your Ego

We are not trying to sell you some "Snake-Oil" bullcrap, some secret fast-track to become a millionaire.

BUT, what we are going to do is to give YOU the roadmap which you can follow to guide you from point zero to point hero!

An opportunity to follow the right path to an income stream that will set you up and get YOU where you want be.

Welcome To OUR World !!

So, you may be asking who "The Marketing Tutor " really is and why is he doing this?

Allow us to Introduce you to David "Whitegold" Edwards and his extremely competent assistant Geoff Lord

David "Whitegold" Edwards
Brand Marketing Wizard
The Marketing Tutor

Geoff Lord
Internet Marketing and Local SEO Expert

The reason we are doing this is because we know exactly what it feels like to be desperate for money !! ... bankruptcy has visited us both over the many years we have on this planet .. ill health has also been a factor ... so we both know pain in a very real way.


So What Exactly Will We Tutor?

We are going to take you on a step by step journey in which we will be revealing the innermost secrets of the "How", the "Why" the "When" the "What" and most importantly the "How Much" ...

YOU can begin your own journey and create yourself an income stream that will change your life forever! ... We cannot do the work for you, but we can tell how much work is involved and how it can fit into ANY schedule ...

It does not matter whether you are an "Experienced" online marketer looking for a new source of revenue to boost your income, or a total "Newbie" who does not have the experience necessary to get your first online sales. This Path We Travel Together ... EVERY DAY, IN EVERY WAY, Day By Day By Day ... Tutoring that is unedited, no holds barred, nothing held back, cussing and swearing optional!

All you need to do is follow the map and stick with it. You can do it at your own pace, this is not a race!

Simply Follow Our Lead And We Will Get You From Point A To Point Z

At The Lowest Possible Cost ... High Returns / Low Overheads Makes a VERY PROFITABLE Business

So What Are We Tutoring?

Online Marketing!
But NOT As Seen Before!

NOT a Re-Hash Of Some Absolute Rubbish That Is Out There In Web Land ...

The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me Mary :)

We have discovered a whole new way of creating income streams using certain tools we have at our disposal (We Are Closely Linked To Major Reputable Developers) which cuts out all of the long learning curves and set up times normally associated with most marketing methods which other so called experts are teaching.

This is totally different to anything you will have seen before!

We use a whole new set of rules created by ourselves ... modified and tweaked to work in such a way which enables us to follow paths which we want to take rather than having to follow the path of everyone else, using the same old methods and tools that they use.

The Tools we use were all Totally Brand New Tools Created and Tweaked by a team of expert developers and tested over extensive periods of time to ensure that they work in the way we wanted.

Now before we start, this course comes with a warning!

A recent change in the way that Amazon pays its Affiliates has changed !!

And the impact could effect millions of Amazon Affiliates who have been making hay whilst the sun was shining!

GOOGLE Has Changed


Affiliate Commissions Slashed !!

Local Marketing Has changed !!

Product Marketing has Changed !!

Lead Gen has Changed !!

Irrespective of what type of Internet marketing you are involved in,



So let us show you how to overcome these obstacles and get you right to the top of the tree . .where every business wishes to be!!

But Just To Get You Started Lets Set You Off In The Right Direction With A Little Taster Free Handbook

Join Our Waiting List And Receive Valuable Information To Help You Succeed !!


Inside Marketing Tutor ...

Earn As You Learn Simple to follow Step By Step guides

Access To Goldies Gold Mine (Private Messenger Group)

Access To One On One Sessions With Ezi Gold (Google It)

Access To Enterprise Software Licences (Exclusives)

Access Top Information Shared Nowhere Else ...

Development Insider Knowledge

Offer & Specials NOT Available Elsewhere ...

And That Just Scratches The Surface Of The Extensive Knowledge We Share!

See You On The Inside

"Marketing Tutor"

Now, 'Scroll Up' Fill Out The Form And Benefit From Day One ...